Anesthesia Services for Pediatric Dental Care and Oral Surgery

Time-tested, expert anesthesia for pediatric dental patients

A Unique, Comprehensive Model

Pediatric Anesthesia Services

We’re here to deliver the quality anesthesia services for your pediatric dental patients need in a way that helps you, too.

M2 Anesthesia has fifteen years of focused pediatric dental anesthesia experience, serving patients in communities across Oregon and Washington. Our dedication to patient safety, satisfaction, and good outcomes has been available for pediatric dental patients since 2009, especially those in under-served communities. M2 goes beyond the patient, offering a consultative approach to help dentists and oral surgeons safely and efficiently grow their practice.

We provide professional expertise above and beyond any other group in the region.

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Expert Care

Board certified anesthesiologists with basic life support (BLS) and pediatric advanced life support (PALS) training

Top Guidance

M2 adheres to or exceeds all general anesthesia guidelines established by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD).

Professional Community

M2 is a member of the Oregon Society of Anesthesiologists

Our Anesthesia Group’s Promise to Dental and Oral Surgery Teams

Enhance your outcomes with experienced anesthesia services.

With our local anesthesia group collaborating with your pediatric dental team, you’ll improve efficiencies and reduce the obstacle to successful surgeries. That’s the M2 promise.

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Improve Case Throughput

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Improve Efficiency

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Reduce Case Cancellations

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Reduce Delays

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Reduce Complications

How It Works

See What Comprehensive Ambulatory Anesthesia Service Looks Like

We’re here to deliver the quality anesthesia services for your pediatric dental patients need in a way that helps you, too.

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Patient Safety First

Pediatric trained, PALS-certified physician anesthesiologist and critical care trained, PALS certified pre-and post-op (recovery) nurse

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Supplies and Load Out

Anesthesia-related equipment, supplies, medications supplied by our team, including a full pediatric crash cart, at our cost

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Expert Consultation

M2’s partnership with AAC brings 25+ years of expertise in the form of assistance with throughput, safety, and compliance.

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Improved Patient Experience

Safety, comfort, time, and cost matter to patients. Performing procedures in your office provides a more comfortable and convenient setting for them, as well as quicker access to care with fewer scheduling barriers for you.

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Highest Tier Clinical Support

M2 provides a board-certified physician anesthesiologist for procedure and recovery services. We supply our own anesthesia-related medications, supplies, equipment, and emergency resources at our own expense.

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Increased Revenue

Payers are increasing reimbursement incentives for performing procedures in the office. With the addition of M2’s customized anesthesia technique and clinical support, most surgeons and proceduralists typically perform at least 30-50% more cases in the same block of time than they were doing previously. Annually, this means tens of thousands to upwards of millions of dollars in additional revenue to your practice.

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Unmatched Experience

 M2 has spent 15 years exclusively focused on pediatric dental anesthesia across Washington and Oregon. We know and enjoy the nuances of pediatric dental anesthesia and the dentists who care for them; it’s more than our niche, it’s our passion! 

M2 is more than an anesthesia provider.

M2 Anesthesia provides billing, peri-operative care and screenings, scheduling, consultative guidance on launching and growing practices, and more, all at no additional cost. We are truly the turnkey platform.

What to Expect

Learn How We Serve The Entire Dental Team

M2’s full suite of dental office and oral surgery anesthesia services are an opportunity to improve experiences — for patients, dentists, and facilities.

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Patient Experience

Compassion, care, and clinically-sound practice. That’s what patients deserve when we place them under anesthesia.

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Surgeon Experience

Partner with an experienced anesthesia team committed to improving patient flow and efficiency while reducing cancellations, delays, and complications.

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Customized Support

Keep the logistics of your facility — no matter the size of the practice or specialty — running smoothly with a top-notch anesthesia team and business support.

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M2 is Part of the Family

“The team at M2 is fantastic. Their doctors are great with patients and parents, and they’ve really elevated what we can offer in-office. I’d say we forget they’re not part of the team but frankly they are. They’re part of the family here. It’s a seamless integration that’s really helped us expand our business. 

Pediatric Dentist

M2 Client since 2011

Medicaid and More with M2 Anesthesia

M2 accepts Washington and Oregon state Medicaid and is partnered with 14 Oregon CCOs. If there are  questions about billing insurance or how to make a payment, our team is ready to help. To learn more about our financial policies, click below or call at 206.605.5933

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Washington and Oregon’s Pediatric Dental Anesthesia Partner

With new anesthesiologists joining our group all the time, as well as our partnership with like-minded groups across the US, we stand ready to provide exceptional service to your pediatric dental facility.

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