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The gold standard in pediatric dental anesthesia and perioperative services since 2009.


The M2 Anesthesia Story

Marlon Michel MD MBA, founded M2 Anesthesia in 2009. M2 primarily focuses on in-office general anesthesia for pediatric dental patients across the Pacific Northwest, particularly in under-served areas and under-served populations. This approach has helped M2 build partnerships with state Medicaid, as well as coordinated care organizations (CCOs) across the region.

Additionally, thanks to Dr. Michel’s part ownership and role as medical director for two different surgery centers, M2 was able to develop additional expertise in pediatric oral and maxillofacial surgery. This makes M2 uniquely qualified to serve each group in precisely the ways they need.

While M2 has always been focused on providing everything it needs to support its dental and oral surgeon partners, the group joined Ambulatory Anesthesia Care in 2022, bolstering M2’s model into a full service turnkey platform. Through this coordinated approach, M2 provides all anesthesia-related equipment, supplies, medications, and crash carts, as well as covering all billing and pre-patient clinical and financial screenings. This thoroughness is why M2 has grown to serve pediatric dental offices across Oregon and Washington, providing the best care and client support in the region.


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Our Vision

M2 has set its own audacious goals. Every choice is centered on helping drive the quintuple aim in pediatric dentistry: health equity, clinician well-being, the pursuit of better health, improved outcomes, and lower costs. At the core of that process is:

  • Strong clinical leadership that informs business decisions, not the other way around.
  • A passionate team of clinicians and support staff whose careers are viewed as investments, not costs.
  • A standard of patient safety and satisfaction that we’d want for our own families.

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Turnkey Model 

With M2, turnkey really means turnkey. Our model consists of board-certified anesthesiologists and clinical support personnel, as well as all anesthesia-related equipment, supplies, medications, and emergency resources required to create a safe surgical environment.

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Operational Support

We engage with your dental office to help improve flow and efficiency, reduce same-day cancellations, and develop clinical pathways and protocols. M2 is ready to help when and where you need us.

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Hospital Anesthesiology in Dental Offices

Anesthesia in dental spaces can be complicated. Many dentists are forced to perform multiple roles at once, providing anesthesia and oral care. M2 wants to eliminate that for pediatric dentists in Oregon and Washington, bringing hospital-quality anesthesia to their offices, letting them put their focus where it should be: on their patients.

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Unmatched Experience

We care for our patients and the team we work with. M2 provides the best possible experience for patients, dentists, oral surgeons, and staff. We work every day to be the best.

Building the future

The Past and Present

When M2 Anesthesia began in 2009, dental anesthesia was at a crossroads, where dentists faced an overwhelming case load and patient-related anesthesia incidence was presenting an ongoing issue. M2’s founder Dr. Michel saw an opportunity to expand access to quality care, reduce wait times and costs for patients, create new practice opportunities for dentists, and remove the wait times for dentists and surgeons at ASCs and hospitals for access to time, expertise, and equipment for more complex cases. However, to do so, it was more than just providing a steady hand for anesthesia. After 15 years, M2 is proud of what it’s accomplished for pediatric dental patients across Oregon and Washington, and we’re very excited for what’s next.


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The Future of Healthcare

M2 Anesthesia isn’t just the leading provider of pediatric dental anesthesia in offices across the PNW, we’re growing with specific regional partners brought on under our MSO, Ambulatory Anesthesia Care. Through AAC, M2 has learned and grown, thanks to AAC’s support of anesthesia groups across the country, including  Noble Anesthesia Partners in Texas and Chicago’s pioneer office-based anesthesia group, Mobile Anesthesiologists. Finally, we contribute to our own industry periodical, The Scope, the first platform dedicated to ambulatory anesthesia.


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Answering the Call of Oregon and Washington’s Peds Dental Patients

“In 2009, I founded M2 Anesthesia to address a growing need for pediatric dental anesthesia. Children, especially children in vulnerable populations, were facing long wait times and a lack of access. As a founder, I’m proud of M2 providing exceptional pediatric dental anesthesia on a daily basis. As a parent, I’m proud of our ongoing opportunity to make sure the region’s children have a safe, comfortable experience.” 

Marlon Michel, MD, MBA

Founder, M2 Anesthesia

We engage beyond delivering caring anesthesia for pediatric patients. We support oral surgeons and dentists with constantly evolving expertise.

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Love What You Do and Who You Work With

At M2, our people are our most valuable resource.

Our pediatric dental anesthesia practice offers predictable work schedules that match our outpatient facilities hours, no overnight hospital call, and flexible employment options.

Come join us at M2 and live the life you deserve in and out of the office.

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Our Approach

The M2 Way

Recognized expertise. Community oriented. A better patient, dentist, and facility experience.

M2 combines the sophistication and infrastructure of large, national anesthesia practices with the personal touch of PNW-based teams and physician leadership.

This blend of recognized expertise and community focus allows M2 to render a better patient, surgeon, and facility experience.

Our Approach

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We place a premium on responsive, compassionate care — for you and your patients.

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